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•   Garry Lakin  12/16
•   Peter Pocock  9/10
•   Cynthia Tucker (Danchuk)  8/13
•   Thomas Lauher  8/5
•   Richard Rubens  5/29
•   Fred James  5/27
•   Michael McCabe  5/15
•   Carson Varner  4/5
•   Dawn Borre (Pett)  2/24
•   Virginia Anderson  2/17
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1 lives in Alabama
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1 lives in Arkansas
48 live in California
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8 live in Connecticut
2 live in District Of Columbia
15 live in Florida
3 live in Georgia
1 lives in Hawaii
1 lives in Idaho
80 live in Illinois
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New Trier High School
Class Of 1963


Welcome to the New Trier Class of 1963 web site!


Though our 50th reunion was held in 2013, we are continuing to maintain this site for the interest and convenience of all classmates who want to stay in touch with each other.

Here you can:

·  Look for your classmates and see what they have been up to.

·  Create your own profile so others can see what you have been doing since 1963.

·  Post photos and see what pictures other classmates have shared.


If you are in touch with others from our Class of 1963, please let them know about the website and encourage them to add their information - as little or as much as they want to include.

Reminder: only our 1963 classmates have access to this site. Your information is not visible to the general public. 

 I will be updating this website from time to time.  Thanks to the generous support of 20 classmates, the website has been renewed through 2024. and will keep going as long as there is interest and support, so that everyone can continue to keep in touch.

If you have any problems entering or changing your information or password, please email Sue Giallombardo Walker at


Here is Group 1 Class photo taken at the Reunion. 
You can also see it by clicking on the this Class Photo link .


Classmates have posted photos from the reunion on the Gallery- reunion photos link on the left hand side.

Enjoy the site and please let me know if you have
comments or suggestions.


I'm happy to help upload pictures, stories or articles.
 Email them to me Sue G Walker



New Trier Fight Song #1

Here’s to our team, we’re the Green and the Gray.

Here’s to our old New Trier.

Long may her name be cherished for her fame

Loyal and ever true, whatever she may do.


Fighting to win is the Green and the Gray.

And may she never fail.

Proudly wave the banner for our school,

Rah, Rah for old New Trier.


Dum, da, dum, da da dah – Yea New Trier (let’s fight!)

Dum, da, dum, da da dah – Yea New Trier (let’s fight!)

Rah, Rah, Rah, Team (let’s fight!)

Rah, Rah, Rah, Team (let’s fight!)

Rah, Rah, Rah, Team, Let’s fight, fight!

(back to beginning)


New Trier Fight Song #2

We are the team that will win, we are the team from old New Trier.

Above the tumult and din, we hear a loud defiant cheer (Rah, Rah)!

So let the foe-men beware, when ‘ere they hear our battle roar.

For the “oskee-wow-wow*" New Trier, means that

the gray–green wins once more!

"Oskee-Wow-Wow" is a University of Illinois fight song written in 1911.
Does anyone know how it made it's way into NT's #2 fight song??


Karen never signed up to our 1963 reunion site, even though I alerted her to it before last year's reunion. Just recently I asked her if it's OK to share her latest news with the group and she said yes. When you see what she's been up to, you will understand her preoccupation with her current theater work. If any of you are in the NYC area, there are just a few more days, this weekend only, to see her current work, "Extreme Whether", which deals with the climate crisis.

Karen is not enough of a self-promoter to send this to the group herself. She's still that same wonderful, deep person she was back at NT. I'm sure many of you have good memories of Karen and her brother John.

OK. I've just gone to a recent announcement that came via Indiegogo and copied it here:

For Ticket Reservations Call: 212-254-1109 or Purchase tickets here:

"And this is what theater is meant to be -- a tool for gathering and disseminating ideas, even activating new ones." Keith Paul Medelis, Theater Is Easy

"What a Terrific play. Such Great characters," Robert Roth, poet

“Wow! Echoes of The Cherry Orchard and Rebecca West and Margaret Atwood and Antony. A balm and wakeup call at once.” Christen Clifford, performance artist, author

“It’s all here in this complex, magical play, where the personal is indeed political.” Pam McAllister, author

Sent by Classmate Timothea Pappas