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Scott Evans

From classmate Larry Kreger regarding another classmate Scott Evans:

Our old gifted friend Scott Evans passed away at his home recently in Arizona.  I was told by another friend who had just learned from Scott's brother Derek. I then got a forwarded email from Derek, very brief, mentioning Scott's passing. Scott was a real character-- charming, intelligent, witty, and in high school was editor in chief of the The New Trier News. He went on to attend Columbia University for a while and then went on to work out West and in the course of time attended several other educational institutions. Along the way, he became an expert on medicine, physics and mechanical engineering. He traveled to the Sahara and other places on expeditions connected with the Fermi Institute of the University of Chicago. 

I will remember Scott from the times (just several years ago) and earlier when he was enjoying life with his usual gusto, ingenuity and wit. I hope more people who knew Scott and have more to add will do so. I will certainly always hold his memory dear as will his other friends. In fact,. when I told one old classmate of Scott's death, he mentioned that he first discovered the autoharp by watching Scott play it in a New Trier student theatrical production and then took it up himself and still plays it. Rest in peace, Scott, and know that you will live on in the hearts of all those you knew you well at some point.

Written by Larry Kreger


I remember Scott's New Trier News editor's picture in Echoes - the one of him with the crown on his head..
Funny guy!!
Sue Giallombardo Walker


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10/03/14 12:59 PM #1    

Betsy Cohen

This is horrible news!  Scott was my first boyfriend, at age 6.  We kissed in the woods next to my house. We went to Sunset Ridge for 9 years. His father, Bergen Evans, had the TV Show Down You Go and his mother was one of the only women at the school who was kind to my mother.  I loved him very much.  He was brilliant, unique, funny, edgy.  We have had dinner together the last few times he came to Oakland in the past few years.

He was a close friend of Peter Clark.  Does anyone have Peter Clark's email? Does anyone know how he died? RIP Scott Evans.  One hell of a great guy!!!!!



10/03/14 06:02 PM #2    

Sheilah Rae Bernstein (Gross)

I met Scott during the summer after our sophomore year when we took Driver's Ed together. He sat in front of me for the class, but was always turning around to give me bizarre cryptic notes with hilarious drawings, laced with his always brilliant sense of humor. I immediately thought he was about the coolest guy ever. We stayed pals, and he was great friends with my senior year boyfriend, the engaging and super-intelligent Peter Clark. The two of them together were unquestionably the brightest, funniest, most intellectual people I had ever met in my limited North Shore life and I adored them both madly. In recent years, though I had not seen Scott, we were in touch via email. He had had a near death experience in a (I believe) motorcycle accident and had moved from Colorado down to Bisbee, AZ, or somewhere near there. He shared with me how gruesome and terrifying this had all been and I was relieved to know that he was on the mend and living in an area that made him happy. Peter Clark, with whom I am periodically in touch still, remained close to Scott, or was in contact with him the last time Peter and I e'd, which is probably a few years ago now. Hearing of his death has stunned and shocked me, and I hope that he found peace and happiness in these last few years. I was a devoted fan, Scott, and I will miss you in this cosmos.

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