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Robert Arons

Robert "Bob" Louis Arons, age 73, passed away Saturday, August 25, 2018 in Buffalo Grove, Illinois.
He was the beloved husband of Lynne, nee Jacobson, cherished father Nathaniel Louis Arons, devoted son of the late Norman and Bernice Arons, brother of Richard Arons, dear brother-in-law of Gayle and Larry Perlman, Donna and Sheldon Gilbert and Harriet Arons, dear son-in-law of Annabelle and Gabriel Jacobson, fond uncle of Garret and Andrew Arons, Josh and Nyssa Perlman, and Alex and Carley Gilbert. An avid jazz pianist and composer, Bob loved to compose Jewish gospel music. 
His New Trier classmates may remember Bob's amazing musical talents as he was in Senior Boys Ensemble and served on the Lagnaippe Board. 

Funeral was Tuesday August 28 at Shir Hadash Synagogue, 200 W. Dundee Rd. Wheeling, IL 60090. Interment Willow Lawn Cemetery-Vernon Hills. In lieu of flowers contributions in Robert's name to Shir Hadash Synagogue would be appreciated. Info-Mitzvah Memorial Funerals, 630-MITZVAH (630-648-9824)

Thanks to Fred James and Sheilah Bernstein Gross for sending me a notice of Bob's passing.

Sue Giallombardo Walker



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09/07/18 10:00 AM #1    

Walter Lazear

Bob and I were really tight good buddies in elementary school (Crow Island).  We could egg each other on, getting us both in trouble with the teachers.  I think we especially were effective with first grade teacher Ms. Ruby Henderson.  I remember one episode where we were doing an Native American study time and Ruby was relating legends.  Bob and I were not very serious about the topic, so when she said the Great Eagle flapped its wings and caused thunder, and blinked his eyes and caused lightning, he goaded me into saying that when the eagle cried, it rained.  We broke up laughing so hard, we had to be discipliend.  Nice memory 67 years later.

Bob was a great pianist.  As I remember, he liked jazz and show tunes and singing.  We had fun playing together sometimes (I played trombone) and I loved listening to him play.  And he loved Lagniappe. 

I got in touch with him about 10-12 years ago and we corresponded via email for a while, then he stopped...never found out why.  Lots of good memories of just goofing around with Bob as youngsters.  I'll miss him.     Walt





09/08/18 04:44 AM #2    

Kathryn Fields

I remember Bob's phenomenal musical talent. We would crowd around him at the piano while he would play and play and play--all by ear. Sweet memories.

09/08/18 07:58 AM #3    

Candace Bienenfeld (Hisert)

Bob and I took Drivers Ed together before we turned 16.  I was scared to death to be in the back seat when Bob drove.  Has he ever told anyone how bad a beginning driver he was?  He flunked the driving test three times.

OMG!  I had to take the written test in California last month.  I was thinking of Bob at the time.

Candy Bienenfeld Hisert



09/09/18 08:41 AM #4    

Howard Klee

Bob and I were good longtime friends in high school.  In addition to his wonderful musical ability, he had a quirky sense of humor which appealed to me.  His house was just a block or two from school and the two of us would go over there to hang out, talk, listen to comedy recordings, hear music and joke together.  We sang in the Troubadours together which Bob Stevens directed at the time.  I think we were also in Boys Ensemble too as juniors and seniors.  He participated in Lagniappe at least once.   We enjoyed each other's company.

I once asked Bob where he had learned to play the paino so well and he told me he took lessons with Alan Swain in Evanston.  I went home ant told my parents I wanted to take piano lessons there and started the summer after my Sophmore year.  After a while Bob and I would talk about the songs I was trying to learn, and their chord structure, etc.  but I never came anywhere close to his talent and ability.  I envied his ability to improvise so easily. 

Like many of us, we lost track of each other after high school and while I tried later to contact him I never got a response.  His passing is a real loss to many of us.

09/09/18 11:59 AM #5    

Sheilah Rae Bernstein (Gross)

I as last in touch with Bob Arons around the time of our 40th or 45th Reunion, at which time he had contacted me about doing this whole incredible video montage as part of our 'entertainment'. I told him that if he had the wherewithal to complete such a daunting and ambitious task, to go for it...but alas, funding became an issue (when isn't it?) and he didn't ever get into it, nor did he attend the reunion. I think he was angry with me for not rescuing this idea and making it happen financially.

But Bob and I had a long time friendship in high school and our senior year, besides being in musicals together, were part of a jazz band that Bob put together that included the late great Tom Boras from Elmsford  who eventually became chair of the Jazz Dept at NYU. Our hope was to provide the music for proms and various bar mitzvahs and while our gigs were limited, our fun was neverending and rehearsals a total blast.

Bob sent me a bunch of his jazz recordings from the temple where he was doing his jazz Jewish liturgical stuff, and it all sounded very exciting, and I told him he had to get into a studio and do some professional recordings of this music---his recordings were all done on walkmans inside the synogogue, and consequently full of ambient noise, and difficult to really 'hear'. He agreed, but I don't think he ever followed through.

As kids in high school, Bob and I certainly had our share of laughs, always centered around our music. In college and after I'd moved to NY and started working on Broadway, we lost touch, and I was always saddened by that, but I know that he'd had a rich life in the advertising field, I believe, and with his family. Bob was definitely an original, and I will miss him.

Sheilah Rae Bernstein Gross

09/10/18 09:13 AM #6    

Laurel Herbenar (Bossen)

Thank you to those sharing their memories of Bob Arons.  I too recall hanging around with Bob after school at New Trier, chatting, and listening to him improvise on the piano. He was very impressive and seemed completely at home with the piano with no need for sheet music. I can still hum the tune he composed for Lagniappe. I appreciated his love of jazz, and his friendly, quirky character.  I don't think he was into sports, but he told me that someone recommended he life weights and so he did. It saddened me that he did not appear at the reunion, and that I missed a chance to chat with him again and see how his love of music played out through his life.

09/11/18 09:36 AM #7    

Dale Gelvan (Busch)

I , too, have wonderful memories of Bob from our Lagniappe yaars. He was so creative and very funny. He was a lot of fun at the many parties where he would sit at the piano and so many of us would gather around and sing those Broadway tunes. I always had the sense that Bob would take his love of music and  into his adult life. It is nice to know that he did. I am so sorry to have lost touch with him; as I have with so many of the the people from NTHS. May his memory be for a blessing.   Dale (Gelvan) Busch



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