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10/27/14 08:57 AM #26    


Sue Giallombardo (Walker)


New Trier High School held campus tours and presentations in September and October to share information with residents about its proposed Winnetka Campus facilities project.

In August, the District 203 Board of Education voted 7-0 to put an $89 million bond measure on the November 4th ballot. If approved, these bonds would fund a project to replace three of the oldest, most inefficient, and most ADA-inaccessible sections of the Winnetka Campus: the 1912 Cafeteria, the 1931 Tech Arts Building, and the 1950 Music/Performing Arts Building.  The proposed project would:

· Include more than 25 new core academic classrooms for math, social studies, English, business, and languages

· Add three science labs and new classrooms and labs for engineering and technology; New Trier currently does not have enough science labs to meet student demand in a nine-period day, meaning some students must take lab classes in summer school or in early bird classes before the regular school day

· Replace outdated heating and cooling systems with new energy-efficient systems

· Make the entire campus accessible for people with disabilities

· Avoid the cost of $6 million in planned repair and maintenance to the existing buildings over the next five years

· Enhance safety with secure entrances and fire sprinklers

· Stay on the same footprint of land while doubling the amount of usable building space on that portion of the campus

· Include a new library and new spaces for the music, theatre, and art programs

· Replace the 1912 cafeteria with one that can seat all students assigned to each lunch period

The bond measure would cost Township homeowners an estimated $16.67 per $1,000 in taxes paid on an annual property tax bill. For example, a resident with a $15,000 property tax bill would pay an additional $250 per year until the bonds expire in 20 years. Residents can calculate their estimated tax impact using a calculator on the District’s website at

For more information about the proposal, including a printable FAQ, see New Trier’s facilities website at


10/28/14 05:19 AM #27    

Kathryn Fields

Oh, my--goodbye to that gleefully chaotic lunchroom! I also have so many fond memories of the music practice rooms above it! *sigh* Obviously, a necessary building project.

10/28/14 06:51 AM #28    

Steven Schick

The photo you posted blows my brain... I don't remember the place being soooooo big!!!!!

Steve Schick

10/28/14 06:57 AM #29    


Andy Gilmore

I guess this means one more trip to the beloved Tech Building!! I remember the Automotives class with Mr. Dietrich, and the Mechanical Drawing class (can't remember that teacher's name)...and the cafeteria was always a three-ring circus! I had hall monitor duties at one of the cafteteria doors my senior year. Great memories...

10/29/14 11:06 AM #30    

Alan Rosen


I took mechanical and architectural drafting classes (in preparation for the study of architecture) in the Tech Bldg.  I believe the instructor's name was Karlson.  Also, my original home room teacher was Mr. Jacobson who was one of the "automotive" instructors.

Alan Rosen

10/30/14 07:21 AM #31    

James Lev

Al, Andy:

I give Mr Carlson a lot of credit for kicking off my 40+ years in Architecture.  I loved those drawing classes.  I took them in summer school so that I could fit them into my schedule. the first initial mech drafting class was mostly translation of three dimensional figures to a two dimensional drawing...sort of like laying out sheet metal work.  in the second year architectural drafting course we designed and drew plans for a residence and built a 3/4" = 1' model of the building using balsa wook for the framing.   what fun that was.   Today we do all of our drawings on computer of course using Building Information Modeling, a three dimensional modeling software.  the profession has come so farr and evolved so much . it would be fun to see what they are doing now.  I will have to visit before the building is demo'd.   

And also many thanks to Jaques Dulin, my physics teacher, who told me not to pursue rocket science.  He was right! 

- Jim Lev  


10/30/14 01:20 PM #32    


Fred James

     I was thinking about that tech building ever since the message went out about it being rebuilt.

     I NEVER PLACED A FOOT IN THAT BUILDING EVER! And I regret it now. I spent all my time in the building next to it, the Music Building. I never took a shop course ever, no woodshop, no automotive action, no mechanical drawing classes. There was a sort of "look down your nose at the mere tradesman" going in and out of that building. Ever since I've felt less than able to do simple car fixes or build or fix things at home. Oh I know a lot about Opera! You want fries with that?

     Oddly, my brother, who can do-build-fix anything with his hands, was amazed at all the controls I had to operate when he visited a radio station where I was employed a few decades ago. His eyes grew big and his jaw dropped. "How do you do all this?" he asked as if I were a Jumbo Jet Captain with a million gadgets, blinking lights and levers in front of me and 300 passengers in back! My brother did not realize how redundant most of the controls were and that a monkey could run them. I of course, did not tell my brother this.

     On the other hand the same brother always could make beautiful and practical objects with his hands. I always admired how he did this and one time I tried to make a simple box in our basement using 2 X 4's and nails. As I was pounding in the last 2 X 4 I realized that my "square" box looked more like a dead mouse and just then my brother comes down the steps, takes one look at it and starts laughing. When necessity forced me later in life to do automotive repairs or carpentry at my pad, what would take my brother 20 minutes and would end up looking like a professional had done the work, would take me a full day or even more and usually look like an eighth grader did it. ALL BECAUSE I NEVER STEPPED IN THAT TECH BUILDING AT NT!!!!


01/12/15 07:09 AM #33    


Sue Giallombardo (Walker)

Several of us wanted to share this video of our dear classmate Dr. Mary-Claire King at the World Science Festival discussing what she went through to get the grant that led to her discovery of the gene for familial breast cancer.


Many thanks to Mindy Nix and others who forwarded this.

Sue Giallombardo Walker



01/13/15 07:56 PM #34    

John Yeoman

On May 2 a movie will be released titled Decoding Annie Parker.   It's the story of Mary-Claire's discovery.

Helen Hunt plays Mary-Claire


01/14/15 10:28 AM #35    

Leslie Desmond

Fred:  Didn't you take drivers' ed?   I believe my class was in the technical building.

Mary Claire is a brilliant woman who can also tell a great story for Moth!

John Yeoman:  Thanks much for the tip on the movie--will watch for it...




01/15/15 10:07 AM #36    

Patricia Jean Willhite (Clarke)

I have seen the movie on Netlix with Helen Hunt as Marie Claire.  It is very good and brought more understanding to me about the dedication and years one thing like that takes to prove.  We have had breast cancer several times in my husbands family. Thank you Marie Claire and I do not think I could be prouder of a classmate! Thank you for caring enough about humanity and for being so devoted and dedicated to others!  We have a picture of you with some of the girls taken in the music room at our 50th that I treasure.

Pat Willhite Clarke

01/16/15 07:47 AM #37    


Lawrence Kreger

I remember Mary Claire King very well; we were in the same math class together my Junior year... she was always so alert and focused, in her low-key way... You knew she was bright but you did not know just how bright and inquisitive and persistent she could be.

I heard about her being out at Berkeley or something years later and that she was doing research..I can just see her in a white lab coat and all...

I am really glad she eventually got the recognition she deserved.





01/21/15 10:31 PM #38    


Sue Giallombardo (Walker)

A group of NT alums have set up a "New Trier High School Classmates' In Memoriam " page on Facebook to remember any New Trier classmates and family who went to New Trier that have passed away. It's open to all classes.

To post or follow in your news, you just join the group. There are some very touching tributes, especially by family members.  The whole purpose is to have a place to remember those we love and miss, to share photos and memories.  

Love to all,


01/22/15 07:45 AM #39    


Lawrence Kreger

Hi Sue,--Yes, please add me to those to be informed of the passing of any of our classmates and the tributes. Thanks


Lawrence ( Larry) Kreger







01/23/15 06:41 AM #40    

Steven Schick

Hey, hey, hey!

I'm just amazed that you all remember so much from so long ago.


05/29/15 06:59 AM #41    


Sue Giallombardo (Walker)

For those of us who attended the tour of New Trier during our 50th reunion weekend, hold on to your photos... school's facilities are changing - the Cafeteria, the Tech Arts building and the Music building are coming down...I never got around to posting all my tour pictures in the Gallery - will do so later today.. Thanks for the memories...Rah-Rah for old New Trier!  .Sue Giallombardo Walker

May 28, 2015
Trier High School to begin 2-year campus redevelopment project

New Trier High School will celebrate the groundbreaking of its Winnetka Campus Facilities Project with a community celebration on Monday, June 1, from 4 to 5:30 p.m. in the North Parking Lot of the Winnetka Campus, 385 Winnetka Ave.

Community leaders, parents, students, staff, and representatives of New Trier’s elementary school districts will be on hand to officially launch the two-year project, which will bring new classrooms and labs, new elective spaces, a new library, a new cafeteria, and much more to the Winnetka Campus. All residents are invited.

“We are excited to begin this project in earnest with the demolition of the Tech Arts Building once this school year ends,” said Superintendent Linda Yonke. “Thanks to the support of residents, we are able to build a new addition to our Winnetka Campus that will serve New Trier students and our community for generations to come.”

The project will replace three adjacent buildings that are among the oldest and most inefficient on the campus: the 1912 Cafeteria, 1931 Tech Arts Building, and 1950 Music Building. Construction will take place in two phases. During Phase One (spring of 2015 through the 2015-2016 school year), the Tech Arts Building will be demolished and the first half of the addition will be constructed. This new portion of the building - including the new cafeteria, library, and several new classrooms - will open for the 2016-2017 school year.

Phase Two (summer of 2016 and 2016-2017 school year) involves demolition of the Cafeteria and Music Building and construction of the second half of the addition. The entire project is scheduled for completion by the opening of the 2017-2018 school year.

The District has partnered with Wight & Company for architectural and engineering services and Pepper Construction Company for construction management services.

New Trier Music students will provide the entertainment for the Groundbreaking Ceremony. A reception with light refreshments will follow in the Student Cafeteria.

For more information about the project, please visit


01/27/16 09:08 AM #42    


Sue Giallombardo (Walker)

NT '63 Classmates - If you have stories you'd like to share from your experiences in NT's theater or music groups, the NT Communications/Alumni office is collecting them. See the links below.

Sue Giallombardo Walker

Dear New Trier Alumni,

If you haven’t been back to your alma mater lately, you may be surprised. New Trier’s Winnetka Campus (aka New Trier East to many of you) is under construction as the school takes on its largest building project in nearly 60 years!  

Construction began over the summer with the demolition of the 1931 Tech Arts Building, the home of many fond memories for our auto, engineering, art, and manual/applied arts students. Crews have made great progress toward creating the first half of the new building that will ultimately replace Tech Arts, the 1950 Music (“M”) Building, and the 1912 Cafeteria. The project will include a new McGee and Black Box Theatre, all new spaces for theatre, art, applied arts, and music, and a new cafeteria, new library, and 25 new academic classrooms. You can read all about it and check out a live feed of construction here:

The next phase of the project will begin this summer, with demolition of the M Building, McGee Theatre, and Cafeteria and construction of the second half of the new building.
That’s where you come in!

Calling all former theatre, debate, and music students – or any alum with a memory of the M Building and McGee Theatre: We want your stories!!

To make way for some great new spaces, we have to say goodbye to our old ones. Will you help us say goodbye by sharing a story about your time in the McGee Theatre and hallway, the music classrooms, WNTH, or the speech and debate classrooms?

Here's an example from theatre teacher Nina Lynn: “Posters, programs, and photos line the hallway outside of the McGee Theatre. I love it when graduates come back and get so excited to see the mementos of their high school theatre experience. They always tell a great story about the friends they made during the production, the backstage drama they remember, or the teachers they got to know by working on the show. It's a good reminder of the impact our program has had on our alums but also on the students we're with right now. “

To contribute your story of a classroom, theatre, broadcast booth, scene shop or of a teacher or classmate, please click HERE (theatre) or HERE (music). We will share these stories on our Facebook page and at our goodbye ceremony in May. We will share more information about that ceremony, which will be open to the public, closer to the date.

Also, don’t forget to check out the New Trier Alumni page for the latest news on reunions and other events:

Niki Dizon

Nicole Ziegler Dizon
Director of Communications and Alumni Relations
New Trier Township High School District 203

 Find New Trier on Facebook:
 Follow New Trier on Twitter:

07/18/16 08:13 AM #43    


Sue Giallombardo (Walker)

Classmates - 

From Classmate Allan Stern:
I got a request for assistance from a Williams College classmate who attended University High in Hyde Park, same year as us.  He was trying to track down one of his classmates, Jeff Horwitz,  They had tried to find him for various high school reunions, but nobody has come up with any information on his whereabouts. 

He told me that Jeff had left U-High and transferred to New Trier for his senior year, and if I knew anything.  
I looked up Jeff in our senior yearbook.  He is listed only once in the index, for his senior picture.

If you have any information on Jeff, please let Allan know.  Thanks!!

10/01/16 07:42 AM #44    


Sue Giallombardo (Walker)

Here's the latest New Trier Alumni Newsletter!  Click Here

We're going to keep our website going as long as there is interest.  
We're paid up through 2019 (Thank you, Tom Safran!).  

Keep posting your news and pictures!!

Love to all,

Sue Giallombardo Walker




10/05/16 09:03 AM #45    

Winnie Unger (Johnson)

Thanks Tom & Sue

Yes, I am interested in keeping the website going. What do they charge us? 

Cheers, Winnie




10/06/16 05:44 AM #46    

Alida Edwards (Meyers)

I am enjoying hearing all of these old familiar names. My family moved to the East Coast in 1965 and I have lost touch with the North Shore.
Alida Meyers

10/06/16 05:45 AM #47    

Alida Edwards (Meyers)

I am enjoying hearing all of these old familiar names. My family moved to the East Coast in 1965 and I have lost touch with the North Shore.
Alida Meyers

10/06/16 06:21 AM #48    

James Lev

Thanks Sue,

I'd also be happy to contribute to keep the website operating.   Its the best way to stay connected.   thanks.



10/07/16 06:15 AM #49    

Nancy Hoffmann

I enjoy hearing from my classmates, although I admit I've never heard of most of them before. We had a huge graduating class!




04/07/17 11:32 AM #50    


Sue Giallombardo (Walker)


1.  Here are the 2017 New Trier Alumni Achievement Award recipients and news from NT alumni office:
Click on this link.

2.  Just a reminder, if you have moved or changed contact information, please update your profile page.
Your family news and pictures are always welcome!! 

3.  Reunion???   Several of us are talking about a reunion event for 2018 - 55 yrs..Leslie Desmond has suggested we all come to Aspen. I'm in favor of that!!  Late May or early June??  Would love to get your thoughts.  It would be a very informal gathering...Depending on how many are interested and want to attend..we'll have to put an organizing group together.  Other thoughts on locations??? Back home??

4.  Facebook is still a place where many of us keep connected.  Many of us saw the note there from Jock Simpson about Jack Ryan's passing.  I'm happy to friend you...just send me a request...

5.  I'm heading back to Rome/Florence in October with one of my daughters.  I won a free trip in the annual raffle held by L'ItaloAmericano, a NY based Italian-American organization/news that's been around since 1908, featuring Italian culture, food, travel, etc.  What a surprise!!! A week in Florence and then we'lll do a week based in Siena or head to Sicily.. 
I'm also planning another 2 week visit just to Sicily for spring 2018.  I am working with some local (American and Sicilian) people to help sponsor the Sicilian Project - helping youngsters in Sicily to learn English and expand their future job prospects. My friend Giovanni Lanza is the president of this 501-3C organization and lives here in the Dallas area...Let me know if you'd like to learn more about it...Or better yet, come with me to see Sicily!!!

Love to you all!!!

Sue Giallombardo Walker



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